We are so, so, so, so, so superbly excited to get back on stage to play for a live audience soon! We’ll kick off the fall with a special show at the Confed Centre to jump start the PEISO season. Karem Simon will be joining us for a few clarinet sextets — truly music for a new world!

And then, not but a few weeks later we launch our very own String Machine season at St. Paul’s. This one is a special one; we’ve written a swath of brand new original compositions inspired by the life and work of renowned PEI architect William Critchlow Harris. A super big thanks to the generosity of Innovation PEI and their Arts Grants for helping this project come to life.  

Over the past several months we’ve kept busy, of course, making music and art of the socially acceptable, physically distanced sort. Along with a few of those cool split screen things that everyone’s keen on these days, we also have been executing some slightly higher production value. Check out our sock puppet theatrical extravaganza set to “Space Oddity” off our recent album The Bayfield Sessions. And stay tuned for some brand new releases coming at the end of this year and the beginning of the next…

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