Our new album, The Bayfield Sessions, is finally released out to the world. Thanks so much to all the talented folks who contributed to making this thing sound the way it does. And a big thanks to all the special guests who came out to celebrate the CD release party in Charlottetown. Catherine MacLellan, Alicia Toner, Ian Sherwood, Nathan Wiley, and Cam McDuffee: we were so thrilled to share the stage with you! Get your very own copy of the CD at CDBaby and listen to the digital tracks at Spotify or wherever else you source your musical bits and bytes. And if you’re into vinyl, stay tuned…

It’s been an exciting fall with a string of dates through New Brunswick with Rachel Beck, as well as one last show on the Island with her at the King’s Playhouse in Georgetown. Just a couple more shows lined up for this collaboration, so check out the IN CONCERT page to find out where you can catch us.

And own very own String Machine 2019-20 season continues on December 10 with a special holiday concert featuring storyteller Nils Ling. The show begins at 7:30pm in the amazingly acoustic St. Paul’s Church; tickets will be available at the door ($25/$15).


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