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Dear ASM Fans and Supporters,
As we head into our second season, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal fans and enthusiasts who have supported us since day one. Being a dedicated and discerning audience, you have brought that much needed added dimension to the ASM performance. We really appreciate your contribution and commitment to the ASM experience. Thank you!
The motto for our first year was ‘Transcend Ordinary’. It was actually a goal – to create concerts that were adventurous, interesting, fun and would include the unexpected. This meant incorporating unusual repertoire, such as our narrated performance of The Devil Went Down to Georgia, and performing classical music in unusual environments like Marc’s Lounge and John Brown’s in Charlottetown, and also being part of the rock band sensation, Paper Lion’s CD release concert. It also led to exciting new collaborations with artists such as gypsy jazz guitarist, Duane Andrews and indie rock singer, Nathan Wiley. We enjoyed this season of firsts and from the feedback we received, you did too!
For 2016-17, we have a new motto: “None Left Behind.” This means presenting our music to the broadest audience possible. We are conspiring to use our instruments and training to take over the world! It’s not an evil plot, but a plan to share what we do with as many people as we can and win over some non-believers to the power of live music. There are those who might think they wouldn’t care for a string band, however, we intend to charm them with exquisite sounds they hadn’t thought possible. We will break down stereotypes and preconceptions by continuing to mix genres and generations. We will present quality and creativity loosely disguised in an entertaining delivery. We will accomplish our world take-over one fan at a time, until we unite all in the love of the Atlantic String Machine. Project code name ‘None Left Behind.’
To join us, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simple. You can attend one of the concerts listed on our website. You can buy our debut CD Lost Time online or at several stores in Charlottetown. You can buy lots of cds and slip them into your friends or family’s car stereos when they aren’t looking. You can tweet (mention @AtlStrMachine), Facebook post, or email friends to let them know about this great movement that is sweeping PEI (and the world!!). You can sing along at performances and clap louder than your neighbour. You can host an ASM concert at your house (kind of like a tupperware party but with less plastic and more bowties.) We encourage you to pursue your own mastermind ways of bringing more music into your life and into the lives of those around you!

Our next performance features the award winning PEI singer, Kelley Mooney.
Be prepared to be moved to tears, because this artist has soul and a powerfully beautiful voice! 
Show is (this) Sunday night, October 23rd, 8 PM at the legendary Trailside Cafe.
To book tickets call the Trailside at 902-394-3626.

Let the season begin! We look forward to seeing you at a concert soon.

None Left Behind!

Sean, Karen, Jeffrey, Natalie and Louis

Next step: off to Contact East in Saint John, NB for our showcase on Friday afternoon!

Photo credit: Sharon Keller, fantastic events coordinator at Florence Simmons Hall!

Here are some shots from our recent collaboration with the UPEI Department of Music for a lunch hour recital on Friday, January 29th. We were so happy to perform chamber music with Justin Amador, French Horn; Sarah Eddie, French Horn; Marc DesRoches, oboe; Emily Proude, saxophone; Leah Jordan, clarinet; and Johanna Vessey, clarinet. This was such a fantastic opportunity for the students and such fun for us, we hope we get asked back to do it all again with some more wonderful students!


September 17/15: What a great night last night at the John Brown Grille! Many thanks to Music PEI, Contact East, John Brown Grille and our fellow performers, Kelley Mooney, Dylan Menzie and Count and the Cuban Cocktail for a great evening!

Island Live captured some wonderful shots – here are a few: